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Learn Shapes! HD - A learning game for toddlers

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Geliştirici: Cell-Line Mobile Solutions
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An effective and simple educational app. 3 x HD interactive games exclusively created for very young hands and minds.

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Developed with speech therapists and early-learning professionals based on LATEST RESEARCH FINDINGS for early educational advancement.

Incorporating classical music, aiming to boost learning through the ‘Mozart Effect’ (studies suggest that listening to classical music decreases tension and improves mood (Rea et al., 2010). Research also indicates that playing classical music enhances specific aspects of intelligence such as verbal ability and spatial-temporal reasoning).

✭ 5 recognizable shapes: ❏ ❙ ▲ ★ ❍

▲ 2 lovable characters will guide your child around the wonderful world of shapes.

● The lyrics of the characters have been recorded by PROFESSIONAL ACTORS.

♦ The adorable characters of the game speak slowly and always use simple target-vocabulary recommended by a speech therapist.

❚ Movements are easy to follow and important conclusions are presented in a BABY-FRIENDLY way.

♣ 4 enchanting videos which show the casual occurrences of each shape:
- circle
- triangle
- stars
- squares
- rectangles

☀ 3 INTERACTIVE GAMES where you can also measure your child’s ability to recognize shapes.

✔ The music from the background is provided by Haydns sonatas in impersonation of Marouan Benabdallah to foster faster learning.

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